Honour Project


Within a student’s degree requirements, the Honours project is a course, like any other, in the context of a full course load. However, the project provides a unique opportunity, compared to typical courses, to gain experience carrying out supervised research and developing the associated skills and techniques required. Students will gain a detailed understanding the specific project material, but should alsso develop a broader view and knowledge of the broader area of physics in which the project is situated. Typically, students find that the honours project is one of the most interesting and rewarding elements of their undergraduate studies.

Honours projects are a required component for all students in Physics B.Sc. Honours programs. Students in the combined programs with Biology, Chemistry, or Mathematics can choose to complete their project either with the Physics Department or in the alternate discipline. While most students choose to do the [1.0] credit PHYS 4909, there is also the option of one term projects: [0.5] credit PHYS 4907 (Fall) or PHYS 4908 (Winter). The remaining [0.5] credit can be satisfied with a course in PHYS at the 4000-level.

Students should arrange to do a project with an available supervisor. The supervisor should then notify the Course Coordinator and Academic Administrator, Joanne Martin, of the project and student to be supervised.