Honour Project


Jesse Rogerson

Variable stars are powerful diagnostic tools of stars and stellar evolution. There are a wide variety of varying stars due to both intrinsic or extrinsic considerations. Long-term monitoring of stellar variation provides insight into composition, structure, chemical composition, temperature, size, etc. In this project a monitoring campaign for one (or more) varying system(s) will be developed and carried out. Observations will be done by the robotic telescope network the Las Cumbres Observatory. Data must be reduced, analyzed, and prepared for publication on the AAVSO.

This project will also include building a citizen science project, where a user interface will be built on the Ingenium website, and will allow public visitors to the website to conduct their own observations, of the stars being observed.

If you would like to learn more about this project, please contact Jesse Rogerson, PhD, Science Advisor, Canada Aviation and Space Museum (jrogerson@ingeniumcanada.org)